computer based examsWelcome to the Computer Based Examinations and Assessments Centre.

In our centre you can undertake: ACCA Examinations, CIMA Objective and Case Study Assessments and AAT Examinations

ACCA Computer Based Examinations Centre

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Visit our ACCA Computer Based Examination Center. You can book the following Exams:

  • FA1- Recording Accounting Transactions
  • MA1- Management Information
  • FA2- Maintaining Financial Records
  • MA2- Maintaining Costs and Finance
  • FAB- Foundations in Accountant in Business
  • FMA- Foundations in Management Accounting
  • FFA- Foundations in Financial Accounting
  • F1- Accountant in Business
  • F2- Management Accounting
  • F3- Financial Accounting
  • F4- Corporate and Business Law (UK/Global)
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CIMA Computer Based Assessment Centre

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Visit our CIMA Computer Based Assessment Centre. You can book the following Exams:

  • C01 Fundamentals of Management Accounting
  • C02 Fundamentals of Financial Accounting
  • C03 Fundamentals of Business Mathematics
  • C04 Fundamentals of Business Economics
  • C05 Fundamentals of Ethics, Corporate Governance and Business Law
  • P1 Performance Operations Computer Based Examination
  • E1 Enterprise Operations Computer Based Examination
  • F1 Financial Operations Computer Based Examination
  • Operational level integrated case study- Computer Based Examination
  • P2 Performance Management
  • E2 Enterprise Management
  • F2 Financial Management
  • Management level integrated case study
  • P3 Performance Strategy
  • E3 Enterprise Strategy
  • F3 Financial Strategy
  • Strategic Level Integrated Case Study
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