Computer Based Examinations During Winter Break

Computer Based Examinations During Winter Break

The following are the sessions for CBE during the June Break. Please note that there is no change in the sessions except that we request that you book at least 3 days in advance.

SESSION A:         08.00AM-10.00AM SESSION A:         08.00AM-10.00AM
SESSION B:         10.30AM-12.30PM SESSION B:         10.30AM-12.30PM
SESSION C:         01.00PM-03.00PM SESSION C:         01.00PM-03.00PM
SESSION D:         03.30PM-05.30PM SESSION D:         03.30PM-05.30PM
SESSION E:         06.00PM-08.00PM SESSION E:         06.00PM-08.00PM

 We will endeavour to give you the same date/time you would like to have the examination but we reserve to change it should there be interruption or technical problem. Please make a reservation at least 5 days before undertaking examination.

  • NB*: Unfortunately we don’t offer examinations services on Sundays and public holidays. Our operating hours are Monday to Friday (8.00am-6.00pm) Saturday (9.00am-4.00pm) while making the booking consider the closing times.
  • Please note that once you book the examinations you cannot get a refund since we will have downloaded your token for the examinations. Changing your booking will attract a penalty of R450.00 per examination booked.
  • The ACCA reserves the right to cancel a CBE for any reason whatsoever. All queries should be directed to the ACCA in event your examination has been cancelled.
  • We reserve to change the amount chargeable in case of volatility in currency (Sterling Pound against the South African Rand)
  • If you fail to attend a booked and confirmed examination, you will forfeit any fees paid.

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