Johannesburg Polytechnic becomes ACCA Gold ALP

Johannesburg Polytechnic becomes ACCA Gold ALP

We are so excited this morning for having been approved by ACCA as a Gold Learning Partner.

Who is a Gold Approved Learning Partner?

This a learning provider who meet a range of challenging performance targets covering the institution’s overall management and, more specifically, its ACCA course management and delivery.

To guarantee a quality learning experience, ACCA strongly recommends that you choose to study with an Approved Learning Partners (ALP).

What can I expect with a Gold Learning Partner?

Studying with an Approved Learning Partner means you can expect to receive high quality tuition and excellent student support in a comfortable environment, conducive to study.

All Approved Learning Partners receive regular visits from ACCA to ensure that they are up to date on developments and continue to keep their standards high. Visits include private meetings with ACCA students to get their feedback on what it is like to study with the tuition providers.

What are the benefits of learning with Johannesburg Polytechnic?

The approval programme has three major benefits for students:

  • Best practice assurance: in becoming an Approved Learning Partner Johannesburg Polytechnic will have been assessed against ACCA’s widely recognised and highly-regarded global best practice benchmarks. This provides you with assurance of the high-quality ACCA tuition and student support that you will receive.
  • Improvements in the quality of tuition and student performance: Johannesburg Polytechnic as an ALP tuition provider have  access to a range of development opportunities and tools, provided by ACCA to help in the continuous improvement of tuition and your performance.
  • Investigation of student complaints against tuition providers: ACCA investigates any student complaint made against an Approved Learning Partner. If you are unsatisfied with the way an Approved Learning Partner has dealt with your complaint, ACCA can step in and request a report from the institution on how the complaint was dealt with through their complaints procedure.
  • ACCA may conduct a visit to the Approved Learning Partner to investigate further, and upheld complaints may be grounds for the removal of the tuition provider from the Approved Learning Partner programme and the Tuition Provider Directory.


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