Woza Summer, Woza! Summer Is Here!

Woza Summer, Woza! Summer Is Here!

Here comes summer 2014, I know that you have been too tired of being indoors, and while I also know that you are preparing towards December 2014 exams, I also realize that all work without play makes Jack a dull boy.

What is the catch, we are organizing a trip to Remember Me, an NPO which specifically deals with less privileged in our society, what we are doing is simply lending a hand.

Remember me has soup kitchens in Yeoville where every Saturday they make some hot food for those who are living in the streets. You can lend them a hand by:

  • making time to cook and serve them
  • donating food stuffs
  • donating clothing
  • donating money.

If you want to use your free time this weekend, just visit the director of studies for more information. Alternatively you can call Gabriel the coordinator on: 0721727174


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